This is the privacy policy for Newseen, a Windows news reading application. If you choose to sign-in with your Twitter account, you should familiarize yourself with Twitter's privacy policy as well. This Privacy Policy may be updated and you can receive information about updates through this website, accessible via the app's Settings pane. The latest version of the privacy policy is always at

Usage of Twitter data by this app.

Upon first launching this app you'll be invited to sign-in with Twitter. You may choose not to. If you do sign-in with Twitter, you may sign-out at any time using the Settings charm. Currently, Newseen will never post to your Twitter account. Future versions may enable you to post content, but Newseen will never post without you taking action with a clear intent to do so. Data accessed by this app from your Twitter account includes:

Your following list

This is the list of Twitter accounts you follow. It is only used if you sign-in when first launching the app. This is used to personalize your default selection of news categories. For example, if you follow political figures and news sources, the Politics category will be chosen by default. Note that this information is accessible publicly without you logging in. It is only processed by the app client, and not transmitted to nor stored on any Newseen servers.

Your incoming tweets / timeline

The same list of "tweets" you see when signed in at is read by this app on your PC. Tweets are processed to determine their relationship to the current set of news stories, to be displayed alongside relevant stories.

Information collected or recorded

Currently, no user data is transmitted to or stored on Newseen servers. Future versions of Newseen may enable new features which do (such as roaming your settings and read list between versions of the app on different platforms), at which point this policy will be updated. Future versions may also collect anonymous usage statistics to determine which features and settings (i.e. color schemes or font sizes) are most popular.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this policy, please e-mail